Social Work

Nikki Stanes (BA Social Work (Hons.), Bachelor of Arts (Hons.))

Nikki is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. She has 20 years experience as a social worker predominantly in a counselling role. Nikki has specialised as a sexual assault counsellor for the majority of her career. Her experience has included leadership and providing supervision. She works with women, men, adolescents and children. Nikki is passionate about giving clients a space to feel safe to speak their truth and build on their strengths. She believes in a holistic approach to recovery and working collaboratively.

Nikki is able to see clients for up to 10 sessions under a GP Mental Health Plan. She will see clients under Victims of Crime and prepare reports for this. She also provides supervision to professionals in the sector.

Specialty areas:

  • Trauma, depression and anxiety
  • Sexual assault and family violence
  • Children and adolescents

Contact Nikki on 0408 382 046 to inquire about her services and book your first appointment.